Bolton Construction Companies

With exciting regeneration projects taking centre stage in 2024, Bolton is poised to become a hub for innovation, community, and urban living. Here at Forshaw Construction, we consider ourselves one of the leading Bolton construction companies, and we’re proud to be a part of this exciting journey, contributing to Bolton’s remarkable growth with our commitment to quality and expertise.

Bolton – More Than Just a Great Location

While its proximity to Manchester (just 12 miles away) is undeniable, Bolton offers a unique charm. The town is experiencing a surge in regeneration, creating new opportunities for residents and businesses alike. From vibrant town centre developments to thriving district centres, Bolton is fostering a dynamic and inclusive environment.

Regeneration on the Rise – A Look at 2024

This year promises to be a landmark year for Bolton’s regeneration. Here are some of the key highlights:

Bolton Construction Companies

Forshaw Construction – St Georges Road – Bark Street – Bolton

Town Centre Transformation: The completion of 58 modern townhouses along St. George’s Road and Bark Street by Forshaw Construction will bring new life to the town centre. Additionally, a major phase of the Moor Lane development will be completed, offering a mix of 218 apartments and townhouses, including affordable housing options.

Enhanced Leisure and Amenities: The official opening of Elizabeth Park, a renovated Central Library, an expanded market, a food hall, and the transformed Wellsprings building will provide residents with a wealth of leisure options.

Innovation Hub: The Wellsprings office building is being converted into a modern workspace specifically designed for digital and creative start-ups. This will further solidify Bolton’s position as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.

District Centre Developments: Significant investments are being made across Bolton’s district centres, including Farnworth, where the Bolton Institute of Medical Sciences will welcome its first students this year.

Building a Brighter Future – The Importance of Social Housing

At Forshaw Construction, we believe that a thriving community is built on a strong foundation, and a cornerstone of that foundation is accessible housing. Social housing plays a crucial role in achieving this. We’re proud to be involved in projects like the St. George’s Road and Bark Street development, which will provide much-needed affordable housing options for Bolton residents.

These developments aren’t just about bricks and mortar; they’re about creating opportunities. By collaborating with housing associations, we contribute to addressing the housing shortage, a critical issue impacting many families and individuals. Affordable housing allows people to put down roots, find stability, and contribute more fully to their communities. This fosters social inclusion, ensuring everyone has a chance to thrive.

Social Housing Bolton

Interior – St Georges Road – Bark Street

Our commitment to social housing extends beyond simply building structures. We work closely with housing associations to create high-quality, energy-efficient homes that promote a sense of belonging and well-being. These developments become more than just places to live; they become vibrant spaces where families can grow and communities can flourish.

Luxury Living Defined – Attention to Detail

Bolton’s transformation extends beyond affordability. A growing desire for high-end living experiences is being met by Forshaw Construction. Take the Dobb Brow development in Westhoughton for example. This luxurious six-bedroom residence exemplifies impeccable build quality. Every detail, from the flow of the living space to the exquisite finishes, is meticulously considered to create a haven of comfort and sophistication.

But luxury isn’t just about space and materials. Forshaw Construction also possesses the expertise to navigate complex logistical challenges. Our work on Loom Street in Manchester demonstrates this perfectly. Here, we delivered a high-end development even amidst logistical hurdles. This ability to adapt and problem-solve ensures our clients receive exceptional results, regardless of the project’s location or complexities.

Loom Street Roof Terrace

Loom Street – Manchester

By combining meticulous craftsmanship with innovative solutions, Forshaw Construction redefines luxury living, creating homes that are not only beautiful but also perfectly suited to the modern lifestyle.

Why Choose Forshaw Construction?

As the construction arm of the award-winning Forshaw Land & Property Group, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to every project. We work closely with our clients, be it housing associations, commercial organisations, or individuals, to deliver exceptional results.

Here’s what sets us apart:

Collaborative Approach: We believe in open communication and work collaboratively with our clients to understand their needs and overcome any challenges.

Award-Winning Standards: We deliver exceptional quality, crafting projects that seamlessly blend with the existing environment and meet the demands of modern living.

Proven Track Record: Our experience speaks for itself. From social housing projects like St. George’s Road to luxury developments like Dobb Brow, we have a successful history of delivering projects on time and within budget.

Bolton’s Future is Bright: Be a Part of it with Forshaw Construction

Bolton is a town on the rise, brimming with potential. At Forshaw Construction, we’re committed to shaping Bolton’s future with innovative developments and unwavering dedication to quality. Whether you’re seeking affordable housing options, a luxurious living space, or a reliable construction partner, Forshaw Construction is here to help you realise your vision.

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Bolton Construction Companies

Bolton Construction Companies

With exciting regeneration projects taking centre stage in 2024, Bolton is poised to become a hub for innovation, community, and urban living. Here at Forshaw

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