Chester Road – Hartford

Forshaw Construction has embarked on a new project involving the development of 70 houses situated along Chester Road in Hartford. This project has been of unique circumstances, as Forshaw took over from a previous main contractor who faced financial challenges and went into administration. As a result, Forshaw assumed control of the site at various stages of completion.

Through close collaboration with a dedicated and expert design team, we have conducted a thorough and comprehensive assessment of all the work that had been previously carried out. This diligent examination has not only provided us with a clear understanding of the project’s current status but has also allowed us to minimize potential risks.

With this newfound clarity and a proactive approach, we have been able to proceed with great efficiency while simultaneously focusing on enhancing the overall quality of the site. We are committed to delivering a flawless scheme that exceeds expectations.

We are pleased to announce that we anticipate completing all the necessary work by February 2025. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that this project reaches its successful and timely conclusion.